Sunday, December 4, 2011

Of Mistakes - A narration [Part -2]

contd.. from Of Mistakes - A narration [Part -1]

The latter question is a no-brainier. Every human being needs a companion , who better than your wife who can gratify you physically apart from looking after your mental steadiness and household affairs. My  father did not think differently. I might want to accuse him of his self-oriented need of a bahu (daughter-in-law) who can look after him, and especially my mother during ill health or aging. Somewhere, it might even turn out to be true. But largely, it was not the case. I was sure.

It takes us to the first question then. Why did not I want to marry?  My father obviously thought that I had an affair with another woman and that is why I was refusing all the proposals. As furious and ashamed he would be if this were to be true, he still extended the offer to accept that woman as my wife. It made me extremely irate. "I don't have any love affairs! Why don't you understand?" , I would shout. My father would yell back at me - "Then why don't you want to marry?". It grew extremely uncomfortable, not just for us, but for the whole family.

In the three years of work before I got married, I lived alone in a city that was 1500 km from my hometown. In the name of company, I just had Raju. He would stay only for half an hour to cook my food. And I would be on my own again. I enjoyed isolation. During the weekends, I visited ISKON, a religious and spiritual group. The bhajans and mythological stories of Lord Krishna made my happy and their spiritual sermons made me confident. I met people who after earning coveted success and financial asset, abandoned everything and joined ISKON in search of spiritual happiness. My belief in a solitary life got strength with each visit.


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