Friday, May 27, 2011

Of Stars

It sets itself on fire
Night and day
It burns
Ceases not
the incessant immolation
For you to see the light
Guiding with a glitter of hope
To inspire
To desire
Of Stars, and their radiant love!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


कोयला जलता है
तो राख छोड़ जाता है
दिल जलता है
तो जिन्दा लाश छोड़ जाता है

To Almighty and Us

Lets shed tears together
Lets cleanse our soul
Lets pledge on this wonderful day
Lets give love to all!

Lets join hands together
Lets look at the sky
Lets spread our wings wide
Lets all take a fly!

Lets open our arms together
Lets embrace the world
Lets chant to this harmonious tune
Lets us dance and swirl!

Lets open our eyes to Him
Lets say no to fear
Lets open our hearts to Her
Lets go near!

हिंद के निवासी

हाँ, भाषा अनेक हैं..
धर्म भी अनेक हैं
जाति में बंटे हैं हम
सुन लो फिर भी एक हैं!

विश्वास भाव मन में है
सहिष्णुता जीवन में है
एकरूप राष्ट्रप्रेम
अटूट सबके प्रण में है!|

प्रत्यंचा ये अटूट है
सदियों से जो है बंधी
डोर भाई चारे की
टूट ये सकती नहीं

साम दान भेद दंड..
जितना जोर है लगा
'पिनाक' ये महाप्रचंड
रावण से कब ये हिल सका|

हिंद के निवासी हम..
गर्व है , अभिमान है
न थे मिटे कभी, न
मिट सकेंगे , तू ये जान ले!

Of Life Again

Life is but a wave
Of troughs, of crests
And a seesaw
Of worsts, of the bests!

Repent not, rejoice!
For it is a perennial strife
Live in the moment, hence
Celebrating the mysteries of life

Of Eyes, Of Life

Eyes tell myriad stories
Sweet, sometimes sad
Of the high and low
Times they had

Eyes sing ballads
Of glory, of joy
Dancing on the tunes
With mischief and coy

Eyes do magic
In a twinkle, in a blink
And Mesmeric illusions
Of which words dare to think!

Eyes cry rivers
Tears of gloom and gay
Invigorating the ocean of emotions
Forever, night and day

Eyes, they shine bright
With inspiration and hope
But your eyes speak to me
Of tenderness , of love!

Dedicated to the woman with the bewitching eyes....