Sunday, October 26, 2014

Go where the winds call you

Listen to the music the chimes are playing
Can you make out what they're saying?
"Take a deep breath, put on a smile
Pack your things for it will take a while"
Chase the dreams, its time to pursue
Go where the winds call you
wo hoo hooo..wo hooo
Go where the winds call you
wo hoo hooo..wo hooo

They say the joy is hidden in the ride
If you want proof, just ask the tide!
Waiting on the shore, you're wasting time
Unanchor the boat while you're still in prime
'Coz Moments lost won't return to you
So, Go where the winds call you
wo hoo hooo..wo hooo
Go where the winds call you
wo hoo hooo..wo hooo
Go where the winds call you

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The aftermath of Diwali

If only you could fathom the pain that an allergic person has to go through the morning after Diwali night with the particles and smell of firecrackers all around.
If only you could sense the annoyance the sound of crackers causes an old person suffering from an agonizing disease.
If only you could understand the fear of an infant, and the impact of noise on their development.
If only you could see the dogs running for their life with each blast of firecrackers.
One can choose to overlook these FACTS for enjoying the festivity of Diwali. But these appeal to my sense of humanity, and thinking about them, I cannot burn firecrackers. .
If they appeal to you, you could at least minimize your firecrackers stock, if not eliminate them totally.
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  • Nirupam Anand Minimising both the volume and the sheer threshold of the crackers ( below certain db impact/ size) by adding awareness or taxing the higher impact/ size ones heavily could go quite far
  • Abinash Sarangi These are not FACTS. these are inferences derived from observations (facts are conclusions / data from an experiment outcome). Fact is: Surge in NO2, surface ozone and CO level above a particular threshold is considered harmful for humans. Sure numbers suggest an increase in these in a sample of the atmospheric air close to ground during diwali celebration time of the day yet it does not suggest crossing the harmful threshold. Also when averaged year over year it does not add up and increase the yearly average for each subsequent year.. suggesting its a temporary effect. Similar experiments for an industrial area, area prone to heavy traffic and some geo location with volcanic activity would suggest a much higher number which increase year over year. Suggesting we need to control vehicular traffic and regulate industrialization more urgently. Diwali has no long term affect.
  • Anand Shankar I see the scientific being in you is all aroused. I was appealing to the human being though.
    I am not arguing for or against the long term effects here. I am talking about the common man who is allergic and is pained due to immediate effects of burning firecrackers. 
    I don't know if you have seen the dogs running for their life every time a firecracker goes boom. I have and I feel sorry for them. 

    Applying my common sense, I chose to call it a fact. You can call them observations. I will not argue over that.
  • Abinash Sarangi Do you eat nonveg?
  • Abinash Sarangi Good. Then I guess a more urgent appeal would be to ask people stop eat nonveg as it kills millions of animals and bird compared scaring some thousand dogs. Besides honking has a worse effect and there are on an average 80000 to 100000 reported dog bites in india every year. But I dont think dog death number due to diwali noise would be anywhere near.. all am saying is its something we enjoy and does not really harm others..
  • Anand Shankar 1. I have already made a facebook appeal against eating non-veg. (cow slaughter status) over which a few people had intense debate.

    2. I am against 'unnecessary' honking. I made a printed tshirt against it.

    3. I am not saying its a SIN to burn firecrackers or those who burn it are lesser humans. I said these observations appeal to my sense of humanity. So, those who wish to enjoy should go ahead.

Monday, October 20, 2014

तुम जो मिले
तो मिल गयी ख़ुदाई मुझे
पूरी हुईं ख्वाहिशें  सभी
न बाक़ी अब कोई दुआ

पाया तुझे
तो पा ली सारी जन्नतें
मिल गयी रूहानियत मुझे
मिट गया मैं हुआ फ़ना

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Rat kill

We hate rats. They litter in our homes and make it unhygienic. We give them poisoned cakes to kill them to make our homes clean.
But we also proudly point out that rat is the vehicle of Lord Ganesha. See how concerned the Hindu culture is about biodiversity!
Are we hypocrites or confused? I think we are just inconsiderate, a little less human than we ought to be.
PS: Don't use rat poison. The dead poisoned rat is the food of the cat, crow and other animals. This way the poison travels across the entire food chain. Remember food chain?
  • Anand Shankar You miss the point. Read it again. It is not about the significance of vegetarian food preference than about animal food chain and overall biodiversity.
    Remember diclofenac and vultures dying?
  • Anupam Lav when i read "we hate rat" i thought you will give an argument similar to hans landa in IB
    "But if one were to determine what attributes the Jews share with a beast, it would be that of the rat. The Führer and Goebbels's propaganda have said pretty much the same thing, but where our conclusions differ is I don't consider the comparison an insult. Consider, for a moment, the world a rat lives in. It's a hostile world, indeed. If a rat were to scamper through your front door right now, would you greet it with hostility?
    Perrier LaPadite: I suppose I would.
    Landa: Has a rat ever done anything to you to create this animosity you feel towards them?
    LaPadite: Rats spread diseases. They bite people.
    Landa: Rats were the cause of the bubonic plague, but that's some time ago. I propose to you, any disease a rat could spread, a squirrel could equally carry. Would you agree?
    LaPadite: Oui.
    Landa: Yet I assume you don't share the same animosity with squirrels that you do with rats, do you?
    LaPadite: No.
    Landa: But they're both rodents, are they not? And except for the tail, they even rather look alike, don't they?
    LaPadite: It's an interesting thought, Herr Colonel.
    Landa: Ha! However interesting as the thought may be, it makes not one bit of difference to how you feel. If a rat were to walk in here right now, as I'm talking, would you greet it with a saucer of your delicious milk?
    LaPadite: Probably not.
    'Landa: I didn't think so. You don't like them. You don't really know why you don't like them; all you know is you find them repulsive"
  • Anand Shankar Anupam bhai ..kahan eee landa panda ke chakkar mein ji?
  • Akash Kumar Anand Shankar : Almost all human beings are hypocrites in general and Indians in particular.
  • Anand Shankar Akash Kumar ye bahut badi theory hai bhai.. choohon ki socho 
  • Madan Mishra Anand jee bat to aap thik kah rahe hain , kyoki sat mahine pahle ek cat jaharile rat ko khakar mar gai , but kal apke car ke oil tank ka tar rat ne kat diya , jiske karan Rs 1000/- ka chakkar ho gaya, solution?
  • Anand Shankar कुतरना चूहे का नैसर्गिक गुण है, इसमें उसका कोई दोष नहीं. उसे नहीं पता की वो जिसे कुतर रहा है उस से किसका क्या नुकसान हो रहा है..
    इसलिए उनको मारने से ये समस्या हल नहीं होगी. हमको ही बचाव करना होगा. एक और उपाय है चूहेदानी का उपयोग. उन्हें पकडिये और दूर 
    सड़क पर या मैदान में छोड़ आइये. ये उपाय उनको मारने से कम निर्दयता वाला है.

    और मेरा ज़ोर इस बात पे है की उन्हें ये जहर के बिस्किट देकर न मारा जाए..क्यूंकि इस से बाकी जानवर भी खतरे में आ जाते हैं. ये अधिक महत्वपूर्ण है.
  • Ravi Roshan चूहे को पकड़ कर बिहार के मुख्यमंत्री जीतनमांझी जी को दे दीजिए वे खुद ठिकाने लगा देंगे !