Wednesday, May 23, 2012

तेरी जोगन

ना चांदी ना सोना, ना हीरे-जवाहरात 
ना बंगला ना कोठी, ना पैसों की बरसात 
दो मुट्ठी माटी सान के, बना  ली तेरी मूरत
उसमें ही तेरे प्राण हैं, उसमें ही तेरी सूरत 
मुझको इस जग से  क्या लेना क्या देना मेरे मोहन!
मैं बन गयी तेरी जोगन
मैं बन गयी तेरी जोगन..

तेरा रंग  चढ़ा है ऐसा सारी उमर न जाए
मैं मदवारी तेरे मद में, कुछ और नहीं अब भाए 
देख मुझे हँसते हैं सब,  बोले मुझको  बावरिया 
बेसुध तेरे प्रीत में सावरी हो गयी मैं  साँवरिया
एक तू ही तो है मेरा  मैं तेरी प्रेम दीवानी
सब रिश्ते नाते छूटे, मैं  हो गयी हूँ  बेग़ानी 
मुझको इस जग से  क्या लेना क्या देना मेरे मोहन!
मैं बन गयी तेरी जोगन
मैं बन गयी तेरी जोगन..

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Right to Reservation

If a school was indeed the miniature form of a society, there would not be any case against reservation.
Schools of India hardly reflect the cultural and social blend of the Indian society. It is in the light of this that I support reservation.
Article 39(c) of our constitution prohibits the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few. What is more valuable than education? Learning is a natural process and schools, thus are our natural resources. In this context, then, Article 39(b) mandates that the State allocates funds to schools in such a manner that it benefits the community.
Unfortunately, reservation is seen as a witch's stick rather than an angel'sword.

Honestly, would you blame the policy of reservation if enough opportunities were made available to you for your growth?

.. to be contd

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Masterly Stroke

Grander than the touch of Midas,
A caress of the pen
Lets emotions unfold.
Into ballads untold
of the maountains and rivers
and the soul,
Of the whole,
animating, exalting Chills and shivers.
Gentler than the stroke of a brush
In a hush
Fondling with life's hues
Coloring, glossing
To awe, to amuse.
Thirstier than Pharaohs swords
Gulping aqua-oculus
Ripping apart
Slashing the heart
A stroke of the pen!