Monday, July 14, 2008

A prayer to Death

I am not sure what image will this one create in your mind about me...
I myself do not know why I wrote this one... it just flowed.

A prayer to Death
O Lord of Death
Please embrace my soul
For now there is no mission
I am left with no goal
That I have seen all the hues
Of the gayiety yellows and the bitter blues
That I have tasted the redolence
Of the thing,they call life
Doused in the romantic incense
With the venom of strife
That I've been through the crests and troughs
Spanned the moody plains and the roughs
while I wandered hither and thither
with memories,sweet and bitter

And now,I demand recluse
For this body is of no use
Take me, I plead to you hence
Away from tumult,in the eerie silence
where I am left with none
my echo,my sole companion
And my shadow,the only follower
In the woods, sans leaves forever
where the wind refuses to blow
And the sun declines to glow
For now,the curtain must go down
I need no other role
O Lord of Death
Please embrace my soul!