Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Of Revelation

Love is paradise
Equally, for the fool and the wise
Between the far and the near
Often you hear.
Serene as morning dew
Lighter than feather
Love gushing through streams
Picture perfect like in your dreams.

But dreams they don't come true
Not for me, not for you
So I'd reveal to you the mystery
Of love's magnificent history.
A revelation

Love will take you to the shore
Intoxicating with lull
It will shake you to the core
Love will test you, even punish
It will push you to the brink
As you walk the line, you think
"Is it here that I belong?"
For now you know
Love is not the rosy cozy song
about drizzles and fluffy snow
You thought it was
Its rather blues and jazz

Love is for the loner
Not for the sane and sober
It showers and empowers
Courage and zing
You feel like a king!
And when its all merry and gay
It takes it all away
Leave you in a mire
In fire, straits dire

But it is not for me to say
Or save
You can wait for your day
To ride the wave
Its for each one of us to make
For love is a beautiful mistake
But here's the secret, my friend
Wave don't like writings on the sand!

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