Monday, February 9, 2009

Castle of sand

castle of sand
I remember the first time
I touched your hand
And you touched mine
it felt so fine

As we walked the subway
You talked all day
Of which I couldn't get a word
Yet I loved it that way

Oh Dear, our first kiss
brought me the ultimate bliss
You said, I was the one
I knew my search was done

And the world seemed so nice
Lush green valleys with the bluish skies
I flowed in that stream
Hoping it was not another dream

Until the day, I heard you say
"I am not the one,
Anand, you please move on"
You left me in deep thought
Of what went wrong
And we talked on the phone
Arguing all days, long

I did not know what to do
To talk to whom,Where to go
As I tried to figure out
how easy 'twas for you

I drank bottles of that thing
And somked all the night
I lost the power to think
What was wrong what was right
In the rains,in the fogs
I walked the lonley roads
I wrote poems and sang songs
Plucking flowers,kissing thorns

Amidst crowds, I felt alone
I forgot my very own tone
Life seemed to be a huge lie
And I wished I could die
With only one truth in my hand
"I built a castle of sand"

.............I could not finish it because I was not in my senses, hope to complete it sometime.


Mohit said...

beautiful creation man ... I am a fan of your poetry now :)

Vaibhav Rikhari said...

waah bhai ..kya likh daala hai ..saare prem mein dhokha khaaye premiyon ka din bana diya tumne ...bhaav bhi hain ..pravaah bhi ...adhurya bhi hai ..trishna bhi a nutshell ...a poem with broken heart ..complete it ...waiting ....

Anand Shankar said...

thanks.. cheelooss!
Hope to complete it :)

Ranjani said...

This was a brilliant post. It exactly depicted the sorrow of the broken heart. Beautiful!

Anand Shankar said...

thanks for dropping by Ranjani