Friday, January 9, 2009


When thing are not ur way;
Dont retreat,Oh Dear!!,there u stay;
u cry,u fight and pray;
while u see the moments pass away;

Come Hell or High Water,u keep on going;
the Aim's Oceans apart,keeep on rowing,
dont feel abject, You have to strive;
go on ,You, till the very end of LIFE.

Show ur heart,dont be Joe Bloggs
Gird up the loins n pull up Your socks
You have to struggle ,Oh Braveheart!!
with all ur kins leaving apart.

STRUGGLE is one truth ,u cant deny;
face it, as u have no other choice;
so,u have to think n have to apply;
and give ur best,and then u rejoice;


The Road's endless,dont You ever rest;
You alone, with noone abreast;
so fight for Yourself and noone else;
as You pave Your path ,feel the essence;
the essence of frend;

as u make history ,n set new trends!!



honey said...

hey, i found u in shoba's blog list..ur poem sounds goood...

Anand Shankar said...