Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Train and the Station

"There was a train which used to go from one place to another daily.In between it halted at a few stations and it enjoyed its stay ,though for a very short while, very much. Everyday the train would stop at those stations and they had fun together.
As time progressed, the stations started to undergo some changes , new things which a few of them liked and a few did not.Slowly, they started feeling that they were not enjoying with the train anymore, The train being unaware of that would come daily ,stop for a while , try to have fun. It also started seeing signs of the same but thought the stations will be fine.The stations ,on the other hand started feeling more uncomfortable with the train and gradually all of them changed their names except one. That one was also undergoing similar changes , but it enjoyed its time with the train and hence tried to be as usual. The train would come daily , stop at the old stations with new names hoping they would want to get back together and then go to one that did not change. As time passed, the train started to realize that the old stations were not willing to change.So it stopped only that one station. The train and the station tried to have fun like the older days, but they both knew inside that times had changed a lot and it was not possible to keep everything same.
The train then one day changed its track and did not pass that station for long. Someday down the time, the train heard a man asking for that old station. It started thinking and realized that it was punishing the station for no reason. Despite the fact that the station tried to keep things same, the train had abandoned it. So it finally decided that no matter what it would always stop at that station. The station and the train never felt sad since then."

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