Sunday, November 16, 2014

German Out Sanskrit In

79,000 students studying German at Kendriya Vidyalayas will now have to shift to Sanskrit or another Indian language after Education Minister Smriti Irani said teaching German broke the government's three-language policy. In a rapidly globalising world,...
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  • Swagat Borah I am passionate about sanskrit and learnt it everyday from class 5 to 10. It helped me form the basis of a lot of principles that i still follow. But this is crazy, u can't force feed any language to anyone. "Teaching sanskrit can help prevent crimes" ??? WTF shit mentality is this.
  • Anand Shankar Who is saying Sanskrit can prevent crimes? That person is an idiot.
  • Anand Shankar As I understand the policy, it was the MoU which forced KV students to learn German.
    The 3 language policy has more than 20 languages including German which can be offered to the students. Instead of an Indian language, German is being taught.
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  • Swagat Borah "My take on the issue is that the students should be given a choice to 
    learn which ever language they want instead of a fixed 3rd language like
    Sanskrit or Tami" - my thoughts exactly

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