Thursday, March 27, 2008

the first blog..

" Why don't you write blogs?"
I said: "What, NO!, you got to be too free to do that!"

I never knew then that I would be this free one day :) Anyways, this being my first blog, I am not that sure what to write here. But ya, those who are reading may be interested to know how I am so free. Well, we call it the PSENTISEM (the last semester of our college life),the name very appropriate to the sentimental semester. But, I still wonder why they put the 'P' before it? (this may show how bad I am at the BITSIAN,someone/thing related to BITS-Pilani, glossary). Continuing with the definition, Psentisem is that period of time when the BITSIAN gets the ultimate freedom of his life. I do not think you would be needing any more explanations of this term, an engineer(very soon :) ) writing blog is an ample illustration to it.

So, what actually do we do in the psentisem?

We prepare for the job interviews. Here is one vague description of how we do it. Open your favorite movie, open your notes in your lap, or the slides in another window of your desktop, go on with this for long hours. Miss at least one meal (if you miss your lunch,go to the redi else move on to c'not).Continue this for a month or so, and you get placed somewhere finally.

We watch movies.. "bullshit! Everybody watches movies." Well, we watch 3 (or even more) movies everyday,for 4 months, mostly back to back. It is the time when the Federers, the Sachins, the Ronaldos, the Padukones and many others get into their shoes. We play hard.. harder, may be with the feeling that we might not be playing like this ever again! One common thing among all wings is the swimming trunks and caps. Oops, did I miss the Thorpes?? Haha, we try our lucks in swimming too. The psentisem sees a sudden steep rise in the number of alcoholics and smokers. Don't be surprised to see the ghotus (those who have mastered the art of attending classes and preparing notes), after all, it is the psentisem da! :)

So when do we sleep?? I am not sure about it, but ya I can surely answer the "when do we get up" one. Normally, a psentisemite would sleep all his way till 12:30-1:00 noon, when due to the hangover of last night, or tumult of some wing enthu, he is forced to get up.He somehow manages to brush and go for lunch. Some class of psentisemites would get up somewhere around 9:25 A.M., rush to the MESS (of course, they do not have the time to brush), eat some stuff, and come back to bed to sleep through their lunch. There are always some pseudo members to every group, the psentisemite group is no exception. These pseudo psentisemites would sleep somewhere around 12:00-12:30 A.M. in night, get up at 8:45 A.M., fresh up properly and go to mess. They hardly skip their mess meals. They might be caught sometimes at c'not which is a very rare scene.
Trips are another aspect of the psentisem. 90% of the psentisemites visit their home place once in this semester,the % might fluctuate a bit. Every now and then, some group of psentisemites with large bags can be seen going for a wing trip.
And all those who do not do the above mentioned fall into yet another category of psentisemites. These are the ones, who do the Dance Workshop. The poor fellas, wake up checking their mails of the next DW session, and sleep with their MS Outlook on for the new DW mails. They skip all movies, they cannot play because they are shit tired due to the last day's session.They cannot got to trips because they would miss a few DW sessions. They dress up properly with scents and deos, in hope of getting a better looking BITSIAN partner in the coming session.

I might have missed some categories of the psentisemites, for which I owe no apologies.

I would write more in the next blog.

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ankush asthana said...

sahin likhe hain bhaiya
in end u would remember these days only.......