Tuesday, February 24, 2009

sab mein rab dikhta hai .. ?!?

You are not mistaken. I really meant sab mein rab dikhta hai... !

I have got a job , I am single and the best part is that I am single! I am single and I am free , free to do anything what I want as long as it does not bother others.Everyone around me has got a girlfriend, their so called 'significant other'. Dude, No! All your life, you crave for a life and then when its time to live it, you blow it yourself! I mean , its fine to have a girlfriend, but that does never give you the right to compromise with your friends, your real bros; which is what happens in almost all the cases.

You don't have time for your bro because you are busy watching a Dil to Pagal Hai or A walk to Remember types with your girlfriend. You are always busy because you are always on your phone talkins some random shit like "hey sweety what did you eat at lunch ?" God, she will never eat gravel how much you care for her. Its like, "hey , what are you wearing under your pants today?" Obviously, not an astro-suit! You start avoiding going to your best hangout and your the most favorite beer because of the girl you met the other day(or week or year).Allright, but what about your bro, the bro who had been with you from the heats to the snows to the floods.
Remember the roadside suttas n chai stalls, where we smoked and choked ourselfs with like a dozens of cigarettes and jugs of tea for just the glimpse of "those".Remember those chicks at the bar who were like "hey hi, I am xyz. How are you ? Where do you work?" , and we were: "hey ya, I just want to fuck!" Dude, what is up with you, we had a deal! The deal unwritten and unspoken but which has lived till date so smoothly and so awesomely!
Now that desperation has overcome the power of friendship, things are bound to change. But not with me, because I will continue to live my awesome life! All you committed ones, I have got two words for ya, Hail Singles!
Yeah dude, you are right, I still sing the same song.. sab mein rab dikhta hai ..yaara main kya karoon!

(Inspired by:HIMYM)


Abhishek said...

yes man yes , "hail singles" :) !

Abhishek said...

but the grass always look greener on the other side :P , wat to do man ?

Anand Shankar said...

That's the whole message of this blog (if any). You do not have to do anything! Just continue living your awesome life with your awesome bros.

Abhishek said...

but wen 'bro' has found a gf , then wat to do ? for times like these, u need a gf I guess !

Anand Shankar said...

you've got to be kidding me! Bros are already awesome and any addition to them is just an overhead.

Vaibhav Rikhari said...

Right from the heart...awefuckingsome article
Hail Broiiiisssssm..The awesomeness of broism is possimpable !