Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"HIV Gay-dies" : The latest shit in the market

Disclaimer :
I am NOT a victim of this show.
Excuse me for the use of derogatory (but appropriate!) words in this post.

"saale chu(beep) ..?"
"teri aukaat kya hai ..?"
"tell me your girlfriends phone number phattu"
"you have got inferiority comp...."@#$#$%#$%^..^&**&gdg^^

yeah, I am talking about HIV 'Gay'-dies that has been driving the Indian youth crazy these days. (In fact, I should have written this one sometime ago to sound more up-to-date!)
I see hundreds of young guys and girls craving to get into this self-proclaimed "reality" show which is so gay and where not a single piece of shit is real! Relating it to the do you have it in you? theme, Gay-ghu and his asinine bunch has been fooling the Indian youth for like 2 years now (pardon the time stamp, I am no fan of this show) . I mean , what the heck has happened to Indian young brigade? They feel good when this utterly insane guy Gay-ghu addresses them with superlative adjectives like bhenchod n fuck you! Looks like they have lost the sense of self respect in the lights of false fame. Seriously, what does this HIV 'Gay'-dies bring home? And the tasks that the supremo Gay-ghu boasts about, give me a fucking break! A slap task ? slap him in his fucking face!

And for the intellect and confidence that he talks about, I have got one question for ya . Why don't you use it for the betterment of people, society? You seem to read everybody's mind, damn, why don't you fucking become some kind of a spiritual guru or may be a psychiatrist?
You are giving us cheap stuff which can never be called entertainment. I feel terribly sorry for the Indian society for its incapability of differentiating between the cheap and nice.

Its bullshit.. I can't write more about this show.
I have got two words for ya HIV 'Gay'-dies.....

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